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IV Nutrient Therapy

The human body consists of nearly 100 – 200 trillion cells, which will conduct over 500 Billion chemical reactions each second of our lives. Each has its own function programmed by genes and contributes to an organized biologic operation to make up complex organs and organ systems, that requires a continuous balance to ensure our optimal health is maintained. As we begin to age, cell function and metabolism can slow down. This can cause malfunctions within each cell that will eventually affect us as a whole and can result in a spectrum of medical conditions and complications we notice in our daily lives.

Oxygen Therapy — Man Running in Surprise, AZ
Hormone Therapy — Doctor with Couple Patient in Surprise, AZ

Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy

With more advances in science and understanding of the human physiology, we are able to replace supplementation in many forms through the intravenous (IV) delivery. This delivery mechanism can improve absorption levels, and studies show it can be a highly effective method to improved nutrition to the cells. With such specialized therapy of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for the demands of our daily needs, our bodies remain better hydrated and suited to fight illnesses, maintain proper health and reduce effects of aging.

At Reflexion Medical Rejuvenation Center, we allow you to choose between our custom blends of IV nutrients. Whether attempting to improve energy levels, increase metabolism, enhance immune support, or just simply to replace nutrients in your body, we have several medically formulated blends to satisfy. Our medical specialist is available to accommodate a more specified IV nutrient program, which can be tailored to specific nutritional needs.